Costs and Funding

Funding for AssessmentsThe cost for a psychoeducational assessment varies as a function of the type of assessment (as outlined in the services section) required.  A brief telephone conversation (or meeting) can usually determine what type of assessment is required and estimated costs can be provided at that time.

Are personal tax credit programs and benefits available for individuals with disabilities that can help incur assessment costs?

Many people with personal health insurance have extended coverage which may cover from a portion to all of the of psychological testing for individual family members. It is advisable for clients to review the details of their coverage to see whether their plan includes coverage for such assessments.  If so, it is the parents/caregivers’ responsibility to submit their claims directly to their insurance providers after full payment has been made.

In addition, it is recommended that families investigate the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC) of the Income Tax Form under line 330 of Schedule1.S.118.2 (2) and Regulation 5700 in the Income Tax Act and explore how they may qualify if they or one of their children has a learning disability.   

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada has worked closely with Finance Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency with the aim of ensuring that individuals with learning disabilities are fairly treated under the Income Tax Act.  For example, the cost of a psychological assessment, tutoring services, talking textbooks, and costs for transportation to and from assessment, therapy, and tutoring sessions, fees for specialized camps, specialized private school, and note taking services may be eligible expenses for persons with learning disabilities under the Medical Expense Tax Credit program.

Since tax laws are complex, it is recommended that families also consult with a tax advisor.  Readers may also consider the following information provided by the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada:

In addition, clients may wish to access the Revenue Canada website: Which Medical Expenses Are Covered?

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